Procrastination and setting priorities to getting projects done is a very common problem for everyone.We want to do something, but after getting part way through it we run out of steam, we get bored, or just get stuck on something unexpected.We all need encouragement at one time or another, and this is my latest attempt at keeping going when the project gets tough.
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Life is tough.It is busy, and there is never enough time to do what you need to do, let alone what you want to do.We all have to deal with priorities, what is more important to us at that time. Do we need to eat or clean? Do we need to chat with friends or work on the house? Do we need to work or take a vacation? These are all things we do at different times in our life, and each has it’s own priority at any given time.We all say we WANT to eat, sleep, and play at our leisure, but very few of us have that as an option, and even fewer of us would truly take that option if we had it. Or more specifically, most of us would reclassify certain categories of work as play, and do that with our leisure time - at least after a few weeks or months of “living it up” as it were.

Even in the Bible, page after page refers to the human need to work.We were created to create.We need to do.We are wired internally to change the world around us - hopefully for the better.In Genesis 1:28, the Bible states that man was to “God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it. Rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every creature that crawls on the earth.’” As early as chapter one, we can see we were created to do; to fill the earth and to rule it. Another way to define rule, in this case anyway, is to manage it; to take care of and tend to the world so that it runs in accordance with the laws set forth (in this case, set forth by God).

The point is, we are to use our God-given talents, abilities, and knowledge to do work. To prioritize activities to make good things happen in their own time. This post is my encouragement to all who read it - most of all myself - to stop being lazy and to create. To do good works, and to allow the fruits of those labors to grow into a crop for your pleasure in their own time. It is a reminder to me and any who read it to do something useful every day; and to toil diligently toward that goal so you can enjoy it; rather than wishing for it to happen.

This section is going to include pages of work I am doing, at work, around the house, or whatever, as a chronicle of work I have completed and work I have yet to do. An encouragement in written form, to keep pushing ahead, instead of procrastinating on projects. It is my hope that this and the other posts in this section, will remind me to work at these projects each day until they are completed, and to be able to actually enjoy the results of the projects rather than leaving them half completed.