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Stating I am going to write about Linux is kind of like stating I am going to write about housing. There are LOTS of different ideas of even what a house is, let alone what it looks like, how it is built, or what it should contain. Like a house, at it’s core, there is this concept of it being something specific - for a house it is a place for one or more people to take shelter; for Linux, it is a core piece of code, called a kernel, that provides the most rudimentary operations required of a computer and translates that into hardware instructions to produce specific output based on the input.

Never the less, as I grow older, I see the industry moving ever more into a world where Linux runs everything. I project that one day, probably before I die, Windows as an operating system will either die, or be relegated to a niche OS, not unlike Amiga as become (at least on the server side of the equation - on the desktop, Windows and Mac both still have a lot of fight left before a clear winner will ever evolve - and it will likely be something else anyway - something like Android). At any rate, prognosticating aside, I have a little bit to say about a wide swath of Linux.

Here I intend to keep whatever tidbits about Linux I feel like writing, everything from Linux Humor, to tips and tricks, to understanding why Linux behaves the way it does for specific applications or issues I have. Don’t get me wrong, I actually prefer Windows for MANY things; but I have used Linux for a long time and am comfortable with, if not proficient in, using Linux for a great many things - especially server side.

What I DON’T want to do is turn this into a gripe section (which it will feel like sometimes), or into yet another OS holy war. Instead, I want to live by my tongue-in-cheek moto that I hate all Operating Systems equally, and use this as a dumping ground for notes and other thoughts specifically regarding the Linux OS.