The notes, scribbles, and occasionally inspired musings of an IT Generalist and DevOps Engineer.

For the longest time I used OneNote for tracking my notes.Then I ran into a job where it was Linux only and we couldn’t use OneNote.OneNote alternatives, such as Evernote never worked for me the way I wanted to work, so I kept on the lookout for a good note taking solution.Wiki’s seemed the way to go, but were always needlessly complicated to write a simple note.Other software solutions always had drawbacks of one sort or another.Even using Markdown had it’s organizational drawbacks (to be fair, I never tried it when I was looking).Recently, I started attending the Pittsburgh LittleHacks where I learned of using Markdown with GitHub Pages which seems to be the right combination for ease of use, cross platform, broad availability, and portability.As such, this is but the start to my ramblings….

I have a lot to say on a lot of different topics, so choose one.Chances are you didn’t start here at my homepage anyway, and instead got here following links from one of my projects - but if not, feel free to explore the site.It covers a wide range of IT Products and projects and points to additional help for many of them.These links are ones I found useful and will have posted so I can refer back as needed.They are in no way meant to be exhaustive.

I also have a section called “Living Life” because life is far more than just IT (believe it or not!) This covers a broad range of topics, some of which are quite controversial, just as life can be.It is a compilation of thoughts, beliefs, or experiences that I felt moved to write about.I do not claim these to be an accurate depiction of reality (I admit it here - I am flawed), but rather a depiction of my point of view.If you want to learn more about me and how I think, these pages will provide some insight on my thoughts and motivations.